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At IIT Bombay, we believe in imparting high quality education, promoting long-term retention of knowledge and understanding, both online and in the classroom. IITBX is the platform developed at IIT Bombay by through significant customization of open edX code base. This platform has been created for learners including academicians, students, researchers, professionals, administrative staff, and novice users, including educationally, socially, economically, physically disadvantaged groups or others that seek to transform themselves through cutting-edge technologies, innovative pedagogy, and rigorous courses. Our aim is to become a leading resource for learners through focused goals and principles, thus imparting quality education at scale.

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These terms of service, privacy policy, copyright policy, and hyperlinking policy (collectively, “Terms of service & Policies”) applies to IITBX and any affiliates (collectively, “IITBX”) for current and former “Users” in connection with all the services, websites, mobile applications and any other related activities that we offer through use of our website ‘IITBombayX.in’, mobile applications, electronic services, social networking sites, interactive features, online services, or any of our described online activities we own or control on behalf of ourselves or others (collectively, the “Site”). All members including academicians, students, researchers, professionals, administrative staff, and novice users, including educationally, socially, economically, physically disadvantaged groups or others who get benefitted through this service or related project activities and others, who are members of our “Site” by holding their accounts with IITBX, are described, for purposes of this document as “Users” of our “Site”.

As and when required, we will update or modify this “Terms of Service & Policies Document”. At the top right-hand corner of this document we have mentioned the date, “Last modified”, which also indicates the effective date. This is the latest version of this “Terms of Service & Policies” for your perusal. You can refer to the previous versions in an archive.

All “Users” are requested to carefully read “Terms of Service & Policies (this document.)” By using and accessing our “Site”, it is deemed that you agree to these “Terms of Service & Policies.”

In case of any queries, suggestions or concerns, please contact at legal@iitbombayx.in Your feedback will help us to serve you better. These “Terms of Service & Policies” shall be governed by appropriate laws of India.

Privacy Policy

What information does “IITBX” collect?

You are required to register at the IITBX website. We provide options for you to upload and manage your personal information. “Users” should ensure that they take all due precautions to guard their privacy and security. We may ask you for personal information such as name, affiliation, designation, phone number, email address, correspondence address, information about head of the institution, consent letter from your head of institute and the like to be stored with your account.

During your visits to our “Site”, we may use software tools such as JavaScript and server side ‘cookies’ to measure and collect session information, including page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks, and mouse-overs), and methods used to browse away from the page. We may collect your device information. We may collect your location information through systems such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and other sensors, may store the information on local storage devices using mechanisms such as browser web storage and application data caches; related to update of any service provided on the “Site”.

We store information regarding your performances in assignments, class participation and similar academic activities online or offline, if any at your “Remote center” or like. We may store information regarding your activity on moodle or like where the course material is available for your usage. We may record the information about downloads and your pattern of access to our “Site”. We may collect information such as your attendance record, your performances in the assignments and like from the “Remote center” or like, to which you are affiliated.

We may record the discussion on online or offline fora, if any. During online and offline discussions if any, you may share some information voluntarily. “IITBX” is unable to control any use of such information. IITBX is not responsible for any data or information not stored on our servers.

Whether IITBX reviews the personal information?

IITBX reviews the personal information that you share with us. We may ask you for identity proof provided by the affiliated college or institution. In some cases, we may request you to share the academic records and we may verify the same. If we find any discrepancies in the information you shared and the information we verify we may automatically deregister you without informing.

How does “IITBX” use the information collected?

We may use the information for academic and research purposes to develop new technologies to provide better service to our “Users”.

IITBX will use this information to inform you about any changes that we may make on the “Site”, upcoming workshops/webinars or the like and any other relevant educational activity which may be of your interest. IITBX will communicate with you to collect any information or to send any such communication only if it is permitted by law and you have not otherwise opted-out of receiving them.

We will not collect or identify or use, by any means, sensitive information such as financial details, race, religion, sexual orientation or health, and thus are not responsible for any such information usage.

For any online payments involved if any, we may tie up with the third parties. In that case, the “User” will be governed by the third party privacy policy. IITBX is not responsible for any issues which may arise in such transactions.

“Site” administrator and support system can access your account for administration purposes if required, to change your account settings, password, suspend your account and like. Your personal and related information will be accessed only by concerned “IITBX” employees, concerned “Remote center” or like authorities and authorized administrative staff. Please note that this information is available to only limited concerned staff.

The contact and other relevant information you share, may be used to protect the rights, property, and safety of “IITBX”, our “Users” and other Stakeholders.

How does IITBX share the information collected?

We may share personal information at an aggregated level for academic and research purposes such as data analysis, statistical analysis, annual reports and like, on conditions of anonymity. In any special case if it was necessary to share the information with third party then we will contact you through proper channel to seek your permission to do so or alternatively, IIT Bombay circulates such information on behalf of third party.

We work in collaboration with our “Remote center” or like. We may provide any required and relevant information of specific “Users” related to that particular “Remote center” or like on request received from “Remote center” or like or as a part of educational activity we conduct. “Remote center” or like may use the information to execute their role, to assess and improve their services and activities to our “Users” and others related.

The learners’ (users’) performance data will be shared with the members (the Faculty, the Institute Coordinator, and the Head of the Institution) of various organisations/institutions that have opted for the bulk registration scheme on IITBombayX.

Please note that your education records are protected and we use it only for academic purposes and or to improve our services. If in any case it is required to share the educational records with third parties then we will take your consent before sharing.

If we believe it is necessary to disclose personal information about you to third parties in case of any legal activity like compliance of any policy, rules & regulations, funding agency request, government request, court actions, writ, summons, warrants, any legal proceedings then to abide by such requirements, we may disclose your personal information.

We follow security practices and procedures to protect your personal information. In their own interest, “Users” are required to maintain the confidentiality of their login ID and password, and not share it with others. “Users” are requested to follow the guidelines if any provided by IITBX, secured log in and log out processes, changing password every three months if necessary. We suggest that if you feel any problem related to data security kindly inform IITBX immediately.

During online and offline discussions at your “Remote center” or like if any or like, you may share some information voluntarily. IITBX is unable to control any use of such information.

We value our “Users” and take due care considering the information security. We restrict any unauthorized access to our “Site”.

IITBX offers choices to manage the “Users” account. “Users” of the “Site” can control and review the data of their personal account, the history of their account, data display including the name and other information.

Dispute resolution

IITBX is committed to resolving complaints, if any, as early as possible through our self-regulatory systems, but if in any case we are not able to resolve any complaint related to personal data or privacy of the “Users”, it will be referred to the local competent data protection authority, for resolution.

Copyright Policy

IITBX respects the intellectual property rights and other proprietary rights of the Content owners. We have reviewed all the material, considering Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), prior making its availability in public domain. We have also taken permission from all “Users” and like to release the material in public domain. In case you believe you are the creator or owner of any content hosted or displayed by IITBX, and have Intellectual Property (IP) rights over such content, you are requested to immediately contact at legal@iitbombayx.in. Please note it is not the intent of IITBX to infringe on any copyright or IP right.

To enable us to take the required action, the copyright owner or legal representative of the copyright owner should provide material documented proof of their rights and also specify exactly which content they are referring to, as well as the location on IITBX “Site” where they believe it is displayed. The copyright owner or legal representative of the copyright owner is also requested to provide a statement, stating the authorization, address, telephone number, and email address for correspondence. We would like to state that any communication without authorization, will not be acted on. Unless notified, we are not responsible for any infringement, and it is the sole responsibility of the copyright owner.

Hyperlinking Policy

This hyperlinking Policy is a part of “Terms of Service and Policies”. IITBX does not have any objection if “Users” of our “Site” hyperlink the content or information that is hosted on our “Site”. IITBX is not responsible for your usage of the hyperlinked site. IITBX is not endorsing the hyperlinked site or text. We have no control over the hyperlinked site and hence do not give guarantee of availability of the content or information. If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us at legal@iitbombayx.in