Learner's FAQs

If your question is not covered in the following list, please submit it using our Contact Us page. If you are a learner of a course, please post your question on the discussion forum of the course.

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At first, please register yourself on IITBombayX, and activate your account by clicking on the "Activation" link sent to you through an email. You can then browse through the courses on the platform.
If you did not receive an automated email, it may be due to one of the following reasons.
  • There was a typing error in your email address.
  • Your spam filter may have caught the email. Please check your spam folder.
  • You may be using an old browser. We recommend downloading the current version of Firefox or Chrome.
  • JavaScript is disabled in your browser. Please check your browser settings, and confirm that JavaScript is enabled.
  • You have not successfully registered an account on IITBombayX website. Please try registering again with the same email address. If an account already exists, you'll see an error regarding the duplicate email address.
If you continue to have problems regarding account activation, we recommend that you try creating a new account. The old account will automatically disappear if it is not activated through the link in the email.
Currently, IITBombayX offers four different types of MOOCs, namely EduMOOCs, SkillMOOCs, TeachMOOCs, LifeMOOCs, to serve the vast diversity of learners.
Our courseware works best with the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer version 9 and above.
Many problems with registration, login, or access to IITBombayX courses are caused due to browser issues. Here are a few tips to try to resolve these issues.
- Switch to a current version of Chrome or Firefox
- Check your browser settings to ensure that both JavaScript and cookies are enabled
- Clear your browser's cache
Most of the courses on IITBombayX are free to learn. However, in some courses, learners may have to pay a nominal fee for participation and certification.
Currently, IITBombayX offers courses only in English. However, in future, some courses under SkillMOOCs may be offered in some regional Indian languages as well.
IITBombayX offers an optional Demo course that makes you familiar with the platform, different components used to view the course material, and various ways of assessment to obtain a certificate. You may register for the IITBombayX Demo course, and check it out. It will hardly take an hour to go through it.
Yes. The Demo course was created to give you an overview of the course structure on IITBombayX. It is not mandatory to complete it.
You may unregister from a course on IITBombayX at any time. There are no penalties associated with an incomplete IITBombayX course. You may register for the same course at a later date, whenever it is offered again.
You will find the details of IITBombayX Honour Code here. However, each course may also have its own specific agreements for learner collaboration and discussion.


You can find the start date and time, and course duration for each course on its "Course Description" page. If you are registered for a course, you'll also see its start date and other details on your dashboard.
UTC refers to Universal Coordinated Time. After you login, please click on the dropdown menu, next to your username, to go to the "Account Settings". Here, you should find the "Time Zone" field, where you can select the time zone i.e. Asia/Kolkata (IST, UTC+0530) for displaying course dates in India Standard Time.
The "course description" page mentions the minimum number of hours required per week to complete a course. This also covers other course details.
You will receive an Honour Code certificate after securing a passing percentage, as specified for each course in its grading policy.
Each course is different - some may have prerequisites, and some may not. Take a look at your specific course prerequisites on the "Course Description" page. However, you may still take the course, even if you do not meet a particular prerequisite.
Yes. You may simultaneously take multiple IITBombayX courses. We would recommend you to check the requirements for each course on its "Course Description" page, to balance your available study hours and demands of the intended courses.
IITBombayX courses are accessible at your convenience. Lectures and assignments are available 24x7, which means you can watch videos, study, and complete your work whenever you have time.
It is possible to pass an IITBombayX course, even if you miss a week of coursework. However, the coursework is progressive, so you should review and study whatever you may have missed. Please remember that you will not be allowed to submit assignments and exams after their due dates. Therefore, please check your course syllabus for important dates and deadlines.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual extensions, as course schedules are fixed. There is no way to change the submission dates of assignments or exams for one learner. Additionally, some courses allow learners to drop some assignments from the final course grade. Please refer to your course grading policy for details.
In a self-paced course, all the course content is released, at once, in the beginning of the course. The learner can learn at his/her own pace, and complete the course at any time during the course run.
The discussion forum is the best place to reach out to the IITBombayX faculty, TAs, and other learners for your course. You can chat with other learners, and help them within the limitations of the Honour Code.
Most IITBombayX courses post their grading policy in the "Course Handout". All questions regarding grading and course content are best addressed in your course discussion forum, where the course staff can directly respond to your queries.
Yes. Most of the IITBombayX courses are re-offered.
Yes. You may re-take IITBombayX courses as often as you wish. You will have the opportunity to earn a certificate each time. Each course offering is assessed independently.
Yes, you can enroll provided that the enrollment is still open.
Courses that have already been conducted on IITBombayX are available as archives on the website.
Yes. Course material will be available as archive on your dashboard, even after you complete a course.


IITBombayX offers only Honour Code certificates of achievement, after the course is completed successfully. An Honour Code certificate of achievement certifies that you have successfully completed a course, but does not verify your identity.
To check or change your full name on IITBombayX, please click on the dropdown menu, next to your username, to go to the "Account Settings". Here, you will find the second option as "Full Name", where you can check/edit your name.
After the course ends, and if you have successfully completed it, then your certificate will appear on your dashboard. IITBombayX does not send individual printed hard copies of certificates. You can, however, take a print of your PDF certificate.


Please try a different username - for example, try adding a number at the end.
You'll find a "Forgot password" link under the Password field on the Login screen. Click the link, and enter your email address. We'll send an email that will allow you to reset your password.
As of now, we don't allow a user to delete the account, for security reasons.