IITBombayX is a non-profit initiative, dedicated towards improving our understanding of learning, and delivering better educational experiences, both on campus and beyond. The platform also serves as a laboratory from which data is gathered to gain a better understanding of how students learn.
Open source is a philosophy that refers to making a software freely available for use and/or modification, as users see fit. In exchange for use of the software, users contribute towards the enhancement of the software, making it a public collaboration. Before the contributions are officially incorporated within the primary source code, an oversight body typically ensures that additions meet a certain standard of quality and usefulness.
The current IITBombayX platform is an integration of Drupal 8 with Open edX. The courses are offered using Open edX, while Drupal will be used to fetch and display courses in various ways. We will soon be releasing the IITBombayX customized Drupal as Drupal distribution. Upon installing the IITBombayX customized Drupal distribution, an institute/individual will be able to leverage its power to make a customised portal for their MOOCs.